Anti-Advice for Writers

If you are writing or thinking about writing, or reading about thinking about starting to write you will, with little trouble, come across a terrifyingly huge amount of advice. It comes in the form of: books, blogs, well-meaning friends, videos, hash-tagged conversations, mime performances, professional organisations and their magazines, software, spam invitations to pay for … Continue reading Anti-Advice for Writers

The Hobbit: the expectation of a writer

Probably everyone's seen the trailer for the Hobbit: The Desolation of (yes that is how it's pronounced) Smaug. And all the interviews with everyone from the main cast to the second gaffer's assistant's cousin who made sandwiches for tourists in Auckland once. Or something. But still, it's all very exciting and epic and exciting. Especially since … Continue reading The Hobbit: the expectation of a writer