Hashtag Inspo NaNoWriMo

Life events, friends, experiences, reading, other entertainment, it all informs creative writing some how. Sometimes it is directly, sometimes it is more round about. In one short story I tried so hard to avoid depicting a life experience peculiar to me that it resonated quite closely with the experience of a friend. Oops. Thus, even if  you try to avoid life in writing, it will sneak in any way.

The skull belonged to an author who died waiting for customer service. True fact.

This skull depicted belonged to an author who died, was buried and disinterred waiting for customer service. True fact.

And then unto this writer it was delivered a Customer Service experience. Today I directly channelled my immense frustration and borderline hysteria into the horror aspects of the NaNo project I’m working on. It got very dark and had nothing to do with humans, customer (lack of) service or technology.

And yet, talk about catharsis.

Well probably Aristotle wasn’t talking about tech companies and their inability to communicate with their customers, even when they are in the communication business. However, at the moment I’ll take inspiration and doing something to feel better about this (ie writing) any day.


NaNo World Count: 20,500 words and counting. Behind and in the midst of the halfway there blues.

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