X Millenials

I seldom remember dreams, but this morning my dream woke me and continued to entertain as I dozed. It was a full colour, authentic setting, millennial version of X Files where young hipster Mulder and Scully resolved spooky meme mysteries using encryption and through posting on Reddit threads. Deputy Director Skinner texted them saying as ‘digital natives’ they would feel at home taking cases related the Slender Man and in connection to radicalised members of the Flying Spaghetti Monster cult. Our heroic duo were qualified based on results from their online Quantico Simpsons character profiling exams.

I'm positive there's something deeply pyschological about this.

There’s something deeply psychological about X File dreams.

This is one dream I’m hoping will happen again so I can see if I can properly catch how they went. Unsure if I would watch IRL though. Although I’d prefer a dream I can wake up, transcribe and have as a best seller. But there you go.

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