In a world of pure corporatisation

In the age of celebrity there are some people who are ubiquitous. They’re everywhere, as brands, images, and products. Sometimes I doubt they’re real because everything about them is scripted, stage-managed and flatteringly lit. Beyond noting their fabulous success and wealth, I have little interest in these people, and in people as commodities full stop. They don’t break my internet.

I am interested in how people skirt the demands of the ravening media, and keep busy doing things, like living their lives, even when no hoards of fans are watching. Some do this so successfully its a matter of whatever happened to…? Followed by a quick search of IMDb or some such until a death is announced in a media statement from family members…

On the passing of Gene Wilder, I am of course sad, but unlike so many currently flooding our devices, I wish he had done more on film. Then again, the most internet things there are, are memes and Wilder’s Willy Wonka is the star.

See it now.

See it now.

In this day and age, that’s an achievement in itself. But thanks for everything before it.

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