New Year, Newish Me

After a difficult six months or so for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with here, I’ve plunged into 2017 with some new goals. In December, I joined a writing club – it sounds exotic – but basically it’s a FB group where members make a commitment and get support to keep it. Each person sets a goal to write daily and mine is to write 250 words each and every single day. Fourteen days into this year, and it’s working. I’ve completed a 3,000 word story that I had started and lost last year so had to rewrite. In addition, I’ve re/started attending to this blog a little more.

Writing 250 words is one goal. Another is about art. This is more difficult in a way because writing feels like second nature, but drawing (and painting etc) are more tentative for me and I’m less skilled too. Thus, with an open mind and a willingness to learn, I’m attending the National Gallery of Victoria’s Sunday afternoon drawing class it is running in January. It’s free for anyone to turn up to, while a different Victoria College of the Arts professional runs the event each time. Last Sunday was good start, and what’s more the NGV provides everything needed: pencil, paper, easel board and a stool, as we all sit in one of the main galleries and just have a go. What was helpful last Sunday was being instructed to ‘draw badly’. This was no problem at all, I may say:) In the end, I preferred my attempted portrait of a flautist kid as completed by my left hand rather than my usual right hand. These Sundays are basically me permitting myself to see whether I should pay for classes.

Arting about by tilting @ windmills, 2017 style.

Me, arting about by tilting @ windmills, 2017 style.

The original.

The original. Ye olde style. 








Drawing is also more personal. I can honour my mother (deceased) and also her mother, (my grandmother) who recently passed away, by pursuing what they were both so very talented at. If talent is at all genetic, just maybe I have more than my grandmother’s nose and height, and my mother’s skin tone, but also their keen eyes, and abilities to translate what they see into remarkable portraits, interesting landscapes and the odd still life.

We shall see.

And with this, I’ve reached my writing goal for today.

2 thoughts on “New Year, Newish Me

  1. I’ve always thought you have a real talent for both writing and art, Bec… and you drew that with your left hand? Bloody. Hell. Yes, pay for lessons. And good luck with the writing goals. You are powering away. The muses are whispering to you, if not singing, methinks. I think I have to set some goals as well and listen to my muses a bit more X

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