Auto population

The password is saved.

Sign in page. Password field auto populates.

Not recognised. It doesn’t announce “unrecognised”. It is not.

Not a thing. Nothing.

Type in the combination of numbers, symbols and letters.

S L O W L Y. A magical incantation breathed through hope.


Capture this: I am not a bot.

But I could be, reduced to recursive cycle of zeros.


Locked out. Too many attempts.


Request new password.

Check email. Wait.

Invent new password. Too short. Too obvious. Too.


It asks again: remember me?

No. You never remember me.

Or if you do, it is back to front, or with lighter hair than I have now. Or without glasses. How can we be expected to remember anything if software designed to remember can’t?

There is no pass or fail.

Expanse of the universe is ink. Stars are absence: where nothing is printed.

Challenge Questions

  • Whose death made you the saddest?
  • What was your maternal grandmother’s dream job?
  • Which brother never returned your copy of War and Peace?*
  • How many times did your school bus lose an exhaust pipe after being driven off the road by a cattle truck?
  • What food won’t Dad ever eat?
  • How did  your first cat die?

You don’t register as a point,on this point on an endless ellipsis.

*Fake question, the book was Les Miserables.



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