Physics of Writing

The writer’s Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal:

  • You can know where the work should go, but not if it is acceptable.
  • If acceptable, you can’t know where to send it.

But once sent out into the world,

Aeons pass. Stars are born and die.

In the space left between atoms and galaxies,

Writers are meant to maintain confidence intervals,

Like dreading without fearing,

and wanting without too much wanting.

Words in the world

The work is Schrödinger’s text,

published/not published.

Existing as both


It blinks through charged states:


The process is S L O W,

The method is alchemical, active.

As writers wait, passive receptors of news:

Accepted? Declined?

If rejected, the experiment begins again.

But acceptance is the WOW signal,

followed by a burst of probing, dissection,

then splicing the work into a steady state.


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