Up next, or not

One of my stories is currently simultaneously submitted. I’ve sent it out over 20 times since 2019. As a story it’s an odd little morsel, but I have faith in it. The central conceit might be unusual, but the story is strong enough, with a clear voice. It will find its place eventually. I wouldn’t keep sending this piece out, and occasionally tinkering around the edges of it, if I didn’t think it worth the effort. Therefore, this particular story isn’t a failure, it’s in a waiting room. It’s name might be called up next, or not. Even if it’s never published I’ve sharpened my writing and editing against it’s rough sides, and improved. It’s all I can ask of this little story.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

On the other hand, I’ve seen call outs, created new works based on them and within minutes they have been accepted – some of them published this year. The lessons are:

1) There’s no predicting what will be accepted for publication even though you do your best to match the work style, length, type, and theme to journal.

2) Relying on editor opinions for esteem can’t replace self belief.

3) If you don’t have the mojo of self belief, believe in the writing, in the worlds you’re making, the words you choose, and the lines you edit.

4) Skip belief. Just keep sending the work out.

The 2022 writing update

Rejections: 55
Pending: 93
Acceptances by publisher: 11
Acceptances by work: 14
Published: 6

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