About Bec

Bec is a writer. She is a corporate writer and editor, and was an advertising copywriter and book reviewer for a regional Australian newspaper. She is also an award winning author of short stories, with works in print and online from New South Wales to Nevada. Qualifications include a Masters in Writing and Literature, a Bachelor of Arts, Honours (in Humanities) and a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing.

Bec’s works have been published as posters, and printed in journals, while she has read her own poetry in public, completed a novella, two theses, and won her first NaNoWriMo attempt. Surely this is only the beginning?

Beyond writing, Bec dabbles in artistic pursuits, and spends times in galleries. She undertook an introductory course in archery, and in 2017 finally learned how to swim. This year, Bec has taken up German longsword. Because why not?