More please

In writing, as in physics, once things begin to happen, they keep happening. I've just had another story accepted and it'll be out next month. It will be the second published from my once upon a time ex-almost collection, so at least some of it was on the right track. A lot of time is spent … Continue reading More please

Over a barrel

Ideas Kaboom! The idea of creative writing is plastic. It's a vast global business, it's a singular remote activity, it's digital and ancient, it's free and expensive, it's a past time and a career, it's a legacy and aspiration, you can study it, you don't need to, it takes myriad forms, it's individual and there … Continue reading Over a barrel


This year I graduated with an MA in Writing and Literature. Throughout, the emphasis in the writing components was upon 'literature'. We could only use aspects of genre or sneak them sideways into our short stories or essays. However, I'm over artificially constructed barriers. Surely there is nothing unliterary with the works of China Mieville or Ursula Le … Continue reading Genre-trification