Gettin’ twitchy

The streaming service Twitch is delivering ancient episodes of Doctor Who for free.  So far I have caught a Three Doctors episode featuring Jo Grant in a blue outfit that looks like she butchered a Smurf community, Jon Pertwee's Doctor in full velvet pre-New Romantic costume wandering a Welsh quarry, and the Brigadier getting peevish. … Continue reading Gettin’ twitchy

Doctor Who: a Time Lord’s winged chariot

You'll got the Andrew Marvell reference To His Coy Mistress for the episode titled World Enough and Time yeah?  It's apt. Not just this episode with its portents of doom, and accurate time dilation Black Hole physics. No. The entire series has indeed felt time's winged chariot hurrying near. Most episodes have felt overtly rushed or truncated, except … Continue reading Doctor Who: a Time Lord’s winged chariot