Of nano, knowledge and social media

The below is a poem about a recent social media argument between science communicator, scientist and PhD candidate Upulie Divisekera  (follow on Twitter @upulie ) and a very famous tech entrepreneur after he made some sweeping generalisations and dismissive statements. My little effort is styled upon Walt Whitman's When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer. When I … Continue reading Of nano, knowledge and social media

Shameless Self Promotion (Hashtag Writing)

A post subtitled: where else to find writing by me. Apart from my thoughtful posts about SF TV  and other important issues here, my most recent writing was published at Sparks of Consciousness blog here. It is a mock pretentious literary analysis speculative fiction essay/story experimental thing called          : writer of nil repute. … Continue reading Shameless Self Promotion (Hashtag Writing)