Shameless Self Promotion (Hashtag Writing)

A post subtitled: where else to find writing by me.

Apart from my thoughtful posts about SF TV  and other important issues here, my most recent writing was published at Sparks of Consciousness blog here. It is a mock pretentious literary analysis speculative fiction essay/story experimental thing called          : writer of nil repute. I’m glad and relieved it finally found a home. Yay.

Beyond the afore-mentioned thing, I contributed a series of lil flashes to Open Changes by if: book Australia. It was a lot of fun. Contenders submitted a picture or a written piece less than 200 words that responded to, or rather remixed, a source story. If your remix went to the next round it too became a source for remixing and so on for several rounds. I submitted a few, but the last one is perhaps my best effort and is called No Illumination – the link here is to that page.

Portrait of me looking for inspiration. See - basket is empty.

Portrait of me looking for inspiration. See – basket is empty.

And am messing about with a poem. I wrote it a while ago, but am editing it and working in newer themes that occurred to me after I finished with the thesising.

Speaking of which. Now it’s all finished and assessed I’m working up the courage to go back to the dread creative writing thesis. My plan is to give another spit and polish and decide if I should submit the story bit somewhere as a long short story, or a shorter novella, or give it even more thought and see if it develops into a novel. Seriously considering just asking Twitter if anyone wants to read it with a view to publication or even advice:

“Something like this: Hi & I have a novella that needs publishing. Please form an orderly queue, no pushing.

We’ll see, I suppose.

Think this sums up everything  nicely.

Think this sums up everything nicely.

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