Random eerie resemblences in TV Land

I was thinking about TV and actors, which via a circuitous route best left mysterious, led to programs I liked as a child, and I discovered some things and recalled other things and found out stuff I never knew. Like how the girl from Worzel Gummidge was in Four Weddings and a Funeral via Educating Marmalade. This all resulted in me contemplating the place of costumes. And the discovery of a slight fetish for characters in hats and scarves: does anyone else sense an eerie resemblance between Orinoco Womble and Tom Baker’s Dr Who?

Perhaps it’s just that they’re British and it’s cold, or  it’s their  confident foppish charm indicated by the slight tilt of the head. Maybe I think too much. Perhaps more is going on.

Maybe it’s all about Bernard Cribbins: Acting Legend, Voice of the Wombles and reoccurring Dr Who actor.

And he wears…

A hat and a scarf!  We salute you sir. Brilliant! Not only that. It’s his hat. May hats and scarves take over the world.

One thought on “Random eerie resemblences in TV Land

  1. Orinoco was always my favourite womble, once I got over my fear of wombles. There was always something about those lifeless eyes that looked right through you… brrr! Gettin’ the shudders!

    But yeah, they all kinda look alike, don’t they? It must definitely be the hats and scarves. That or they all come from the same gene pool. Yup, even the womble.

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