Review: Escher & Nendo

MC Escher's work has achieved a level of ubiquity that belies its attraction. For all of the 60s counter culture associations, his familiar works are precise, geometrical, and reflective: they are not the random results of a (stereotypical) hippie's disordered mind, but deliberative explorations of mathematically precise spaces that centre the artist and his interests. … Continue reading Review: Escher & Nendo

Doctor Who: R&R

With any ongoing narrative, it's easy to think about each episode or series, or producer era in terms of like or dislike. I hate Moffat, some declare, others loved Amy and Rory. OK. These declarations are personal judgements, informed by individual preferences, biases and understandings, hence debating them is endless and circular. People don't change … Continue reading Doctor Who: R&R