Random Historical Tabloidery 3#

Out and About in AD 33

A newcomer is causing a stir in marketplaces and moneylenders offices this week.  Sporting sandals and a natty brown robe (this season’s new black) the bearded and fashionably thin visitor upturned tables and held impromptu speeches, attended by large but mostly peaceful crowds waving palm fronds.

In a scoop, social reporter Josephus discovered this man hails from Nazareth and is quickly becoming a trendsetter amongst our impressionable youth, especially former fisheries department workers. Our staff artists have captured his likeness, but due to current litigation we’re unable to publish any depiction of this new man about town.

What the Jerusalem Herald wants to know is, what next for the eligible bachelor? Sources have linked him to one Mary, his PA, but both deny any plans for marriage. Martha, a former housekeeper and confidante of Mary, says their relationship is ‘strictly spiritual,’ and he’s only in town to recruit staff for his business interests. Catering firms are said to be angry about his outsourcing of seafood for standing room only conferences, while bakers are experiencing a downturn in trade, and are said to be holding this man responsible. With such a charismatic character causing such a stir you can bet the Jerusalem Herald will continue to keep an eye on this former carpenter!

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