Random Variable Tabloidery 4#

Personals and Positions Vacant Dream of working in law enforcement? The Administration seeks qualified deputies to combat crime in areas such as theft  and squatting, while insuring public safety. Be prepared for long but rewarding hours. Uniform and horse supplied.  Contact Nottingham Sheriff’s Dept for a PD. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Elderly gent, deer farmer and charity worker … Continue reading Random Variable Tabloidery 4#

Snippets of Random Historical Tabloidery 2#

‘Nothing To It’ Says Gautama After repeated press questions regarding the ultimate goal of his popular new doctrine, which is sweeping the nation, former prince Siddhartha proclaimed Nirvana can’t actually be spoken about and instead focused his latest speech on road safety with a talk entitled The Right Path. Next week he's expected to begin … Continue reading Snippets of Random Historical Tabloidery 2#