Writer, Interrupted

So my head’s been so full of stuff of late. I keep having ideas for a post or a tweet or a story and then, through fatigue or distraction or otherwise pre-occupiedness, not following them up and then forgetting them entirely. I really need to keep a log. In the middle of the night I can usually find a pen and paper, but these random sudden thoughts pop into my head when it’s the least convenient.

Then it occurs to me forgotten ideas are probably not the best ones. I know Samuel Taylor Coleridge was interrupted a bit of the way through dreaming (huhmmm) up Xanadu, (in his poem Kubla Khan not the Olivia Newton-John film) but is it such a great loss? And my ideas are most likely not on a par with his works composed on any late Thursday afternoon. The idea I’m trying to get at, though,  is, if it’s gone, it’s gone baby. Coleridge never did quite forgive himself or his untimely visitor for supposedly ruining his work.  But his fragment is a classic nonetheless.  And that’s ok. Time for him and me to move on. Sadly for him, it’s a bit late.  What with his death in 1834 (come on that is not a spoiler).

Anyhoo, some ideas fade away like disturbing dreams, they seem real for a while and leaving you feeling  a bit weird, but then you wake up and get on with your day. So I’m getting on with my writing, because I know more ideas will come. They might even stick around and be better than whatever I thought was so clever and profound in the first place.  And if they’re not I won’t know because whatever I’d imagined first, I’ve forgotten. Say la vie.

One thought on “Writer, Interrupted

  1. Rebecca, this happens to me all the time and funnily enough, it happened while I was reading your post. I picked up my pen and before I could write the idea down it was gone — that fast! I dropped the pen and the idea came back again just as fast. It’s a little frustrating when you get that “big” idea and then it flies off on you. But like you say, maybe they’re not the best ones.

    I keep pen and paper by my bed, by the computer and I also carry a little notebook when I’m out. That seems to cover it. But, stupid me… sometimes I get an idea while I’m drifting off to sleep. I decide that I will remember it when I wake up because I’m too lazy to turn on the light and write it down. Course, we both know what happens next.

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