It's sunny in Melbourne. There is barely a cloud to cross this blue sky. It is chilly though, and the over-night dew lingers across shadowed surfaces. All too soon the sun will hide, and the long evening will bring on the damp air. It is the shortest day of the year and more usually it … Continue reading Solstice

unManley Hopkins

Gerard Manley Hopkins was an innovative and scholarly poet, if mostly unpublished in his lifetime. His unquiet poems, with their vivid descriptions in sprung rhythm still resonate with me. As an individual, he was a depressive, diminutive and devout man, out of sync with his world. Thus, he remains somehow familiar, and supremely current, except … Continue reading unManley Hopkins

Mystery is the reason for the season

I'm a big admirer of scientific discoveries. I collect data and evidence because they are reassuring and often useful in life and stories. Right now, the Geminid shower is taking place, but I can't see anything.  It doesn't matter.  Anyway, my stance on science doesn't mean I discard experiences and phenomena that can't be dissected, … Continue reading Mystery is the reason for the season