2011 – we’ve got some work to do

Now we’re gettin’ someplace

It’s been a good writing start to 2011. I’ve had a short story published in Ricochet Magazine (edition two) in January, a very short story accepted by Capsule Fiction and a different one awaiting editing at another journal, plus my first post published about reading and writing  as well as a second article accepted about what constitutes good and bad reviews for the Best Damn Creative Writing Blog. Yay me!

Take me out let me breathe 

It’s been good to get back to producing stuff again. I really began to take writing seriously in 2002. And that was after about a decade of ‘maybe I could write something’. From 2002 I studied writing at TAFE, met and was inspired by a whole bunch of people, like John Holton and eventually got a job writing.

I believe there is something wrong

From 2005 it all went to the back-burner. New city, changes in priorities, different job/s new life. Writing was too difficult, inspiration was missing. I was tired and poor. I was distracted and generally down, for a long time.

Somewhere in the middle then

But it’s returning, that thing that says I’m a writer. And since last year it’s been getting better. I’m not there yet, but here with this blog and feedback from places like Shades of Crimson have helped. I’m more of the me I need to be.

Push me back to the start

Yet I can’t say I’m ‘emerged’. Can’t (yet) say I’m earning a living from writing, but I feel like progress is being made. Hoping the part-time post-grad study will help too. It does feel like I’m right at the beginning again but that’s not a bad thing. It’s the start of the upswing of the curve. And yes, I know curve implies a downward glide. But life and work and art are like that.

…tell me please, why it takes so long

Turns out I’m slow – slow learner, slow writer. But it’s not a race. There’s no expiry date on *being published*. Stories take as long as they take – to finish and to be created. A bit like people really, which means I’ll keep plodding along, doing my thing. I don’t have a direction yet,  but I’ll keep singing to myself… we can choose what we choose to believe:)


Thanks to Crowded House for their lyrics. Take inspiration where you can find it I say.

2 thoughts on “2011 – we’ve got some work to do

  1. Hey this is fantastic news, Rebecca!

    I’m so glad I popped over here to read this today. I see you’ve linked to me and yet I’ve not received a pingback. Guess it’s no accident I was drawn over here. I LOVE hearing when a fellow writer has achieved their goal of getting published. I hope you are celebrating.

    Congratulations! You must be feeling satisfied *and* even more inspired. I’m thrilled for you.

    Thank you for the link; I’m happy that the feedback you received on my blog inspired you to keep on writing.

    • I most definitely am celebrating! By writing stuff. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I remember almost all the feedback I’ve ever got. I remember my high school English teacher telling me I’d submitted a university quality essay, and another time when she taught me how to reference, because I wasn’t doing it. I remember the (good) tears in the eyes of one of my lecturers when he returned an essay to me. Maybe this is me. But feedback (positive and less so) is important. It’s sustaining. It helps. And sometimes it’s all I want from writing. And this internet bizo helps no end>)

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