A Year in the Making

So, been blogging for 12 months now. I’m not as prolific as some and seem to be a tiny fish in the blogging ocean but I’m still here and enjoying it. I’ve discovered a slight obsession with the behind the scenes statistics of it all, which would surprise certain of my highschool maths teachers no end.

This place looks so inviting for me to lay down the Law According to Bec too. It would be so easy to get ranty with it. So much to say! Yet so far I’ve resisted. Don’t blog angry is a motto I think I’ll stick to. Which in itself probably violates some rule about entertainyness.  To paraphrase Joss Whedon: Yes. That’s a word. Now.

So to those who’ve happened on this tiny section of the internet, Hi and Thanks for Stopping By. If you like, feel free to comment. I’m friendly enough and I aim to keep writing.

I foresee posting occasionally on how postgrad studies are going (starting in March). And also posting the usual, although when I say usual, that could mean whatever takes my fancy. Which could be anything. Ah give me freedom and I go random.

To get completely non-seguey with it, random reminds me of my honours thesis, for which I didn’t have a question and also had to be narrowed down from Everything I Ever Learned Ever to some thoughts about the meaning of myths in the modern world, versus their place in traditional societies. My first draft was hand-written (with little tiny numbers counting the word limit!!!) and was 10,000 words in a single paragraph. I think I’ve come a long way since then. Like I can use a computer.

And use paragraphs.

And this will be read by more than four people. Maybe.

In breaking Twitter News and speaking of the things I may write about some future posts may now include how Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will be in Melbourne for Supernova in April. Which is, may I say, Fried Gold! Course it is.  

Anyways. That’s my one year blogging anniversary post.

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