International English I

I love the English language. It’s so greedy and eager. It’s eroding and growing in equal measure. It’s absorbent and ever evolving. I’ve enjoyed marveling at how pliant it is and how it’s changed and how it will keep changing, as everything does. English reflects both cultural and physical influences and it’s use so much about the user. It’s healthy for English speakers to think on the following:

If a fellow admiral on safari was sipping coffee and cooking spinachsaffron and jar of sugar in alcohol after completing algebra equations which resulted in zero, while his tabby cat was playing with a gerbil on a magazine about lime green sequined satin during a monsoon … if you hazarded a guess every word in blue was a cipher which meant it was derived from Arabic, you would be right.

4 thoughts on “International English I

  1. Hi Bec .. it is amazing where words come from – isn’t it .. ?

    Good to meet you .. would love to know how you got across to me! Thanks so much for leaving the comment too … I’ve never been to Australia .. but have connections, so one day I will get there … I wrote about Captain Cook’s cottage being taken apart and moved from England to Melbourne .. I’m sure you’ve been there?

    Great story you created from your Arabic words … loved it – cheers Hilary

    • Ah, I believe it was Shades of Crimson that led me to your blog. It’s a small world sometimes. And thanks for the feedback too I love how the English language is like history, it shows us where we’ve been.

  2. Hi Bec or is it Beca? Thanks – that makes sense .. via Davina .. great blog she’s got.

    Presumably you’d spotted I’d just been to the British Library exhibition on Evolving English .. and I’ll do a few posts – once the A – Z Challenge is over .. see my blog for the logo .. but I note it doesn’t click through .. the link on Lee’s site does work! .. there’s over 500 doing it .. it’ll be quite fun – hard work – but we’ll get to meet loads of other bloggers .. and my posts will be short?!

    here’s the link in case you’re interested ..

    The other thing is .. are you going to put up a following button so we can join you .. ? I’m not good on these things .. I just toddle on gently!

    Cheers and have a great week .. Hilary

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