School’s In (Again)

Last year I wrote a bit about making a decision to return to study. And I’ve done so. I’ve enrolled in a post-graduate course work creative writing degree at a local university. I’m about a month in. If all goes really well I’ll be able to pick up a minor thesis component later on so I can get something akin to a novella written.

I like how formal study shapes the time and space – intellectual space I mean – to think about things. It legitimises creative and intellectual pursuits. This is not something I needed, I like thinking and writing about the things that interest me, but a degree is an additional layer of purpose, and a tool for networking and meeting more like-minded people. My relatives have long since stopped asking, well, what does that get you, when I say I’m studying, because sometimes the answers are intangible. Of course earning a living from the things I think I’m good at and want to pursue further is a the goal, dream, target, the force, the sword in the stone, the precious, whatever… but it’s not everything. Of course it’s taking up time away from here, which I’m a bit sad about, I miss you, Dear Reader, I like this different kind of space for working things out, it’s like a polite kind of talking to myself, only better, as I don’t look strange. I haven’t done it, but one of the lecturer’s said for some assignments blog writing (in response to class stuff) was suitable to submit, but I may go for that down the track.

Another reason I’m enjoying classes so far is everyone is at different stages in the course, one person just workshopped the very first story she’d ever written ever, which was exciting. Can you remember the very first story you wrote? I can, I plagiarised a story my mum had written and sent to Women’s Weekly. I was 10 maybe. Anyhoo, others in class are clearly further along in their craft and there was *stuff* in their work, that magical feeling you get when you read something wow. An intake of breath at a turn of a phrase, and I love finding new writers. We’ll be workshopping my story this week (eek). It’s halfway cooked, I’d say, and I’m looking forward to new eyes reading my work.

Wish me luck!


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