The 13 and a third times advice amazingly recommended writing like Buzzfeed!

The internet is full of stuff. Kitten videos, for instance and memes. And things not including kitten videos (?). And reams of advice for writers sometimes also including kitten videos.

Frankly, I’m tired of being advised by sometimes well-meaning, but ultimately advertising driven content churners presenting lists of ways to make my blog sound like Buzzfeed. They’ve pop up a lot recently in social media, and all of them are almost exactly the same: how tos for people who don’t wanna try properly.

Disdainful Lynx is judging   bad writing advice.

Disdainful Lynx judges bad writing advice.


Don’t get me wrong, I could present the 8 Reasons Why Content Generators have a Time and a Place. And I mean no disrespect for what Buzzfeed do in particular, they are champion at distraction and entertainment and news(ish) stuff. But I don’t want to write about them or like them. It’s not me. It’s not what I’m doing here. I reckon if you visit or follow my blog I bet it’s not why you’re here either.

The point of the internet and all writing is that it is a method to give voice. It shouldn’t be news to you that each of us has a unique voice and perspective. I don’t want to explore and present my voice and (hopefully interesting) perspective by sounding exactly the same as every one else. And neither should you. I will strive to sound like me and you should sound like you. It means if I don’t include a number and a descriptive term and important noun in my catchy title it’s because I don’t want to, it’s not because I can’t. (Believe me this is the advice, like SEO for kids or something. Blergh.)

A million readers who turn up at my blog because they have a second to see if my words are exactly the same as everyone else’s is not as valuable as reaching a single reader who believes I have said something worthy or memorable. (This post probably isn’t it – sorry). Writing is about attempting to make connections and explore meaning, not p*ssing people off with time-wasting lists of obvious stuff.

When I have come across links to such advice, I have taken to mocking them gently. I can’t help it. But in the future I will ignore them completely. They waste time and are content-less content. I don’t present content. I write stuff. And this is the most stuff I am willing to write about this so-called ‘advice’.

Here’s a cat.

Here is a giant cat by a river contemplating its new coat of arms. As one does.

A giant cat by a small river contemplates its new coat of arms. As one does.

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