The problem with previews

There are many things coming up I want to see and read. The problem is that the previews and news about them are so far in advance I may miss them later when I have forgotten my current excitement. Damn the invention of the NOW GENERATION.

It’s great I can see previews for films set for release in October but if you’re going to show me bits of Macbeth that Scottish Play with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard and David Thewlis (who is expert in playing unlucky characters in historical epics) then I wants it now. Now I say.



Also add to that list Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak and the film Suffragette, which I only just heard about the other day but looks very good. Not to mention most of the Marvel franchise. Meanwhile, I’m interested in what Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchmen will be like (as is everyone who ever fell in love with Atticus Finch), but I’m not about to pre-order it. I may wait until the pundits tell me whether or not it has ruined To Kill A Mockingbird. This is in contrast to how I will be all over the extended Battle of the Five Armies as soon as it comes out. Maybe it will have a more fitting funeral/conclusion.

Some things can wait, I guess. I mean I only just watched the final Letterman episode from last month. It was strangely more moving than I thought it would be given I haven’t been a regular watcher for years. It’s about priorities.

And there is too much TV and too much news about all the TV I either haven’t watched or can’t get or missed completely. However, I do have a knack for liking things that get canned after a season or two anyway so I might as well wait. 

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