Say it aint so, going totally NaNoWriMo

Uh oh

Can’t say I’m too much of a bandwagonny joiner type, but I’ve just gone and signed up to write a novel in a month. Given it took the best part of a year for me to write a novella as part of a thesis, I’m a lil bit worried. But at least I don’t have to complete detailed footnotes and references.

But what the hey, hey? If I think of it as a series of 30 odd 1700-ish word short stories…Nup, still terrified.

Confident self talk will be key, I suspect. I mean I'm not sure because I've never heard any.

Confident self talk will be key, I suspect. I mean, I’m not sure because I’ve never heard any. What have I done?

However, the learning and preparation have begun. I have myself a title (or provisional title), a synopsis and I’m working on a plan, or plot points, as we speak, well, we’re not speaking and I’m writing this right now. But you get what I’m writing? I hope.

I’m not really a plotter, more of a holder all in my head until it all pours forth pantser kind of writer. But it won’t do for this. Not for 50,000 words and not for month of concentrating on one thing. So plotting and planning it is.

Got my special note-book ready for the plotting and character development stuff.

I also signed up to Canva and made myself my very own cover page of this mythical not-yet-existent novel. So it’s basically done. Right?

On a side note, Canva was easy enough for me to use and was at the right price (free).

Too further this novel attempt, I have around me a group of writing buddies (I’m down with the NaNo lingo now) from an online writing group I’m in and followed a local NaNo writing volunteer who is holding write ins and planning days and what not. Don’t know if I’ll go, but if I want to, I can.

Probably, I will try to use Scrivener. I’ve had it for ages and not actually used it, so I’ll need to watch a few videos or something and then go for it too. Yay for all the mountains I’m climbing, metaphorically.

After 10 plus years of writing short stories (and yes one novella) I need to test myself. I did attempt to enrol in the University of Idaho’s writing MOOC, for exactly that kind of test, but their massively awful email notification system ended up with me withdrawing. Maybe if they fix that in future…

In the end, I’m not sure I need another course anyway (although the US perspective would have been interesting). What is needed is do the work. Sit down and complete a long story. Or just write 50,000 words even if it’s not finished. That’s the goal. It’s helps a bit that it’s a little competitive, because I’m known, on occasion, to be a bit competitive.

It will me tell me something if I can do this. Equally, it will tell me something if I can’t. Neither will be a failure.

It'll be just like attempting to ride this contraption. And falling off.

It’ll be just like attempting to ride this contraption. And falling off.

Denying myself an opportunity to try, well, that’d be a failure.



4 thoughts on “Say it aint so, going totally NaNoWriMo

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. I may blog about it, but I don’t want to steal away…{insert preposterous narrative/imaginative power comment} by describing too much what I want to do, instead of just actually doing it:)

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