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I am in the midst of NaNoWriMo preparations. Tis probably ridiculous that a non-novelist is about to write a novel of 50,000 words in November. I don’t mind though, there’s nothing quite so freeing as being ridiculous and I have a cunning plan to ease myself into this new identity. However, I am not so much training as feeling pre-tired for this month-long writing marathon.

If stress and tiredness do catch me out during NaNoWriMo then there are these. Mmm vegetables.

If stress and tiredness do catch me out during NaNoWriMo, then there are these. Wonder what a ‘vegetable stomach’ is?

Despite the tired, I’m surprisingly upbeat about this project. I’m all inspired and such. I blame Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve been reading Big Magic and her unrelenting excitement about creativity is rubbing off. Much of what she has to say is about mind sets and expectations as writers is wise and considered. Regardless of what you make of her engaging and quasi-mystical take on things, you can’t help but get caught up. Thus, I believe her book is well-timed for me and she’d see significance in that. And perhaps there is.

If this Big Magic happens, I'm hoping my book will need a service like this.

If this Big Magic happens, I’m hoping my book will need a modern version of this.

So Big Magic isn’t a how to book, it’s more like a why not book with the added bonus of making sure we understand this why not can be fun and joyous, rather than angst making and painful. So that’s my approach to NaNo now. I like writing, this will be fun and has already been fun. I’m learning and talking to very enthused writers (online) and finding a lot of advice too. Like how not to fail at NaNo (yay for positivity) and other stuff.

If you’re wondering, I’ve never seen nor read Eat Pray Love or any of Gilbert’s other titles. I’m not much interested in them and will probably not bother in the future. We find the information and invigoration that we need when we decide to need it, from where-ever is available. Her book appeared and it’s all good.

Should get back it to the planning since little idealets are buzzing around my head like mosquitoes. I need to swot some:)

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