A break in the weather

I’m tired today, and have been unaccountably sad when I have no reason to be. I’m full to the brim of doubt and what ifs and why should Is and what’s the point of it all. It’s a mood I suppose, or a personality pitfall. It’ll pass. All moods do,  even the most bleak.

Yay, flowers.

Yay, flowers.

Of course, this mood has been considerably lightened when I realised my story Epione has just been published by the kind editor at Degenerate Literature.

It’s a special thing to be published. Yes, even now, more than 10 years after my first story was accepted. It reminds me what I’m about, which isn’t being published at all really. Being published is a nice and welcome sometimes by-product of telling stories (that some want to read). I won’t forget that.

Go pay it a visit for me will you?

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