I wasted a day

I wasted my Saturday talking to friends and thinking about fear and the  future.

I wasted a day in the city

It was wasted preparing for Sunday, when I helped sew my quilt.

When everyone took pictures of the dome, I pondered what he knew

I wasted it wandering through a gallery looking at art.

Paper colossus colour

I dallied over my lunch in the city as I people-watched.

Eye watching me, as I watch others

For this wasted day I marveled at the exhibition of big, old books at the State Library.

Just a big old book

I wasted my day running through the rushing water during a down pour, not wishing for my umbrella.

Sodden, I faced the sky and laughed in the rain as others sheltered under eaves.

I wasted minutes staring into the depths

I listened to the thunder crack overhead and kept going.

I stopped to smell the tomes but they were behind glass

I wasted my day.


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