Really, spamalot

My site has been getting a deluge of spam lately. It has been picked up by the anti-spam tools, but looking over it, I think the quality has gone down.

Spam machines have been busy of late.

Gone are the days of half page incoherent word salad, or non-English sounding pleasantries. Now, it is likely to be a single word with poor grammar. Of course the give away to any spam is the address of the poster. I wonder how successful these systems are (and they are systems). Not that I want spammers to step up their game,  because then it is (more of) a digital arms race. I wonder too, about those responsible. There must be people out there who are being paid to create proliferating bot-like things or to commandeer old email addresses. Are they aware of the work? Are they like call centres employees who know they don’t work for ‘Windows’ but take the money because it’s better than starving? Having worked in (legitimate) call centres, I’m not sure.

Insert technological image here, to make it seem like I understand stuff.

How many jobs are there that just consist of jamming things up, ripping people off, and pretending to offer or actually offering services we don’t need for problems that don’t exist, except that these companies create these problems? But that’s capitalism, everything is a problem that only such and such an item, for the low price of whatever, can solve.

Pretty circuits.

Perhaps I could become a grammar coach to spammers? Where is the pride in their work? How hard is it to put a question mark immediately after a word and not leave a gap? If the spammers can improve their grammar, it would make it a slightly nicer experience for those of us having to delete them endlessly. Just a thought.

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