Thou art that

I wasn’t going to take part, and then I vacillated for a while, then I decided to, so I did. Yes, I will be entering this year’s Sketchbook Project run by the Brooklyn Art Library. I am justifying my entry to myself because when I saw the listed themes to work to, I had an idea. Other years I have entered without having much of plan and worked things out as I went along.

This year, however, I’m trying something different, and will hopefully finish early, rather than leave it to last-minute. But we will see, since the deadline is a while off, the notion of finishing even before I begin is premature.

Create like this, only less generic…

I still like the idea of the my stuff, my artistic efforts, in a library alongside everyone else’s; the good, the brilliant, and the naively enthusiastic. And it’s just a bit cool this library is in New York. Or this is all just another excuse to do something little when I could devote my time to something big. Too late now I suppose:)

The real painting and my pencil sketch of it.


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