Rare or well done?

I’ve decided to put some of my writing work on Medium (you can visit my profile here.  Some items will have been previously published, so these will be re-posts, or will have appeared in actual print, on paper years ago. Other things will be new fiction, or at least little bits and pieces that were entered into competitions, or sent to specific publishers for one reason or another and were not picked up. Having said that it doesn’t mean they are poor quality, just a bit lost.

I am a writerly drop in the Internet Sea

Or they will be pieces I don’t really know what to do with, but might appreciate a refreshing dunking in the wider ocean of the Internet.  I figured Medium is growing in popularity, while sometimes blogs like this can be viewed as a sort of backwater in the larger scheme of things. I know I have readers (and I am very appreciative of you all), and I will continue to post here, but tis time to cast some of my writing wider than just my own site. Plus, if I happen to deliver something a little more profound than usual, Medium has the capacity to pay writers. As a bonus, I am enjoying the free reads I’ve come across so far. I hope may like too as well.

It’s time to release some publications.

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