Writing things in motion

This is a quick note to mention writing things are in motion. I have an article for the Submittable blog coming out this week, and a tiny morsel of flash fiction has been accepted for publication in issue 20 of Speculative 66 which is out the week after.

These events are very welcome.


A fool on her errand.

These are the tiniest filaments of hope I grasp with what is left of all my might that I am not on some fool’s errand with writing.

Of course, it is possible I can be published and still be a fool on an endless errand.

I can’t offer answers or advice here.

The only little voice I hear in my desperate search for meaning, succour, and help, is to write. And either that advice got me precisely here, or I haven’t followed it well enough to get me much further.

Either way, I am still a fool for trying.

Still writing.

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