A big day

The boring days are ones without writing news. When I keep hitting the refresh on various online submission platforms, and my emails and...nuthin', nada, non. These no-news days pile up. A month or two or more can pass without a response. But the writing and the work of submitting and scouting publications continues. Tallying the … Continue reading A big day

Long time climbing

I have been writing poetry (I want to say 'attempting poetry' like it's mountain climbing) for approximately since I could write. This has been on and off, because, like a mountain climbing expedition, it's not every day. The mind has mountains a poet said, but poetry writing does too. Finally though, another poem I've edited … Continue reading Long time climbing

Ewasing Woger

I've been writing (secret, anonymous) erasure poetry for awhile now, but with actual, physical books. Don't worry, no valuable tome was harmed, but a few old text books, and some cheap copies of classics were rescued and put through the wringer. But it is for poetry, so it is for the greater good. Anyway, as … Continue reading Ewasing Woger