Ewasing Woger

I’ve been writing (secret, anonymous) erasure poetry for awhile now, but with actual, physical books. Don’t worry, no valuable tome was harmed, but a few old text books, and some cheap copies of classics were rescued and put through the wringer. But it is for poetry, so it is for the greater good. Anyway, as suggested by Zebulon over at notebookingdaily I tried my hand at the digital version of erasure poetry by deleting most of the sense from Roger Ebert’s review of the 1985 film “Death Wish 3”. It only took a few minutes, which is much quicker than carefully picking out words and erasing all the rest in physical books. Anyway, I’m quite proud of this. There’s pathos and humour and a touch of something else.  

Death Wish

marginally better than enough is to earn one special insult as a professional dying in the old west (a vast wasteland occupied by an old people repairman who keeps cabbage in the window)

the symbol of hypocrisies is a fist on the table

victims, represented by a head-count, reflect the cynicism of 3 tired words he would have liked that number to be closer to zero

So there you go, that, in a nutshell is digital erasure poetry. I could have taken more words out of the complete text, but the idea of an old people repairman is funnier than just an old repairman. In addition, there’s something more real to the image of singular individual repairer with cabbage in his window than a lot of people who do this.

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