A big day

The boring days are ones without writing news. When I keep hitting the refresh on various online submission platforms, and my emails and…nuthin’, nada, non. These no-news days pile up. A month or two or more can pass without a response. But the writing and the work of submitting and scouting publications continues.

Good days are ones with writing news. Rejections mean I can continue the search for publications in which to place my works. Swift rejections mean I get to update the database and then resume the great game more quickly, although more and more places accept simultaneous submissions. Rejections are definitely, infinitely better than never hearing back, which occasionally happens.

The best days of all are ones with news of acceptances. Of course they are. Getting my work accepted and then published in the world is the goal in this endless exercise of writing, editing, submitting. It means I update the database, and my story or poem or flash fiction goes from it’s style folder into the published folder. Then I work on collected submissions and my publications list, as I have more details to add.

All of the above means today was a big day. I received three emails. Two considered rejections, including from one place which I felt certain was a clear fit (but never mind). Then there was an acceptance for a cherished little flash fiction piece I had wanted published for a while. Yay!

The 2020 writing data

  • 38 rejections
  • 5 acceptances
  • 25 pending
  • Acceptance rate: One piece published or accepted per 7.6 submissions.

The work goes on.

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