Life and writing happens

It happens in the writing life where projects are delayed, writing tasks are suspended, and deadlines are missed. It happens with my own self imposed writing timelines and it happens to the publishers and journals I submit my work to. Frankly, such delays and misadventures are because life happens, and it is happening pretty hard in this, the year of Covid19-2020.

Thus, a flash fiction piece I had accepted for a publication that was meant to come out a few days ago, has been delayed. Now it will be published towards the end of September. I am happy it is still being published, and I will be happy to see it find a home.

what fine threads of chance are our hopes strung upon

Writing Status Update

  • Acceptances: Six.
  • Rejections: 50.
  • Pending: 26.

I am halfway to my goal of 100 rejections this year after what was admittedly a slow start. If I don’t meet my goal, I am hoping that will indicate more of my writing being accepted for publication, and that, readers, is the kind of failure I’m aiming for.

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