Somewhere over the rainbow bridge

This image below is of my utterly ridiculous cat Fluffalorium de Fluffibus. Maybe a year after he first snuck into my flat, about 18 years ago, and scared the life out of me, I wrote a poem featuring him. He died much later. But I kept the work. This year I overhauled that little poem, as I have been doing for a while for much of my writing. I re-edited it, and thought enough of it to send it out. Today the poem was accepted for publication. Here’s to you, my long gone, but never forgotten Dark Knight, my rescued Fluffster. Now you’re published too.  

If there are lessons from this experience, they might be: keep your working out, don’t be your own worst enemy and chuck it all away. And, never let anyone try to tell you art must be about big issues, or world changing ideas. Art can be about anything you want to write, dance, paint, sing, or knit about. If you are moved to create something, out of joy or angst, put your heart into it, there will likely be a place for it, one day, somewhere. As any cat can tell you if you listen.

Writing update:

– 54 rejections.

– 9 acceptances.

– 24 pending.

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