Yet another acceptance…

Nopetober is almost at an end, and this year seems to have dragged on while going too fast. There are, however, occasional achievements to mark the not quite endless days of shut down where I am. Like a visit to emergency over an allergic reaction to being outside (or something outside). Yes, while that happened I am really meant to be talking about writing achievements.

A poem I wrote this year has just been accepted for publication in March in Canada. I’m extremely pleased (yay for new poetry, and thank you Canada). However, I can’t quite get my head around the concept of next year. Then again, there are a few concepts I’ve abandoned understanding: such as going to a shop, and travelling beyond my local suburbs.

Spring. Ah hay fever medication x three.
Photo by Irina Iriser on

Meanwhile, the writing and the editing and the submitting continues apace. One story I’m working on has had a bit of an overhaul, because I’ve put half of my opening paragraph in final paragraph, as one does and already it feels better. Anyway, a couple more rejections…a few more submissions, and repeatedly hitting refresh on emails and Submittable during this loooonnnng wait for responses as me fairly busy, but it also feels like I’m not doing enough. Reader, I’ll end on this: no matter how much I write or don’t write, it is never enough.

The 2020 writing update:

  • Acceptances: 11
  • Pending: 23
  • Rejections: 70

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