Upon doing some tidying

After a little writing housework, including tidying up loose ends here and double checking on things there, it seems one of my poems accepted earlier this year has indeed been published. To be fair, my piece was accepted in July, which is my winter, and I was told it would be published in Fall, which is not my Autumn. Working out publications by seasons always requires some mental gymnastics from me to work out when exactly something will appear. But anyway: yay!

This particular poem was written after viewing one particular painting in one particular art gallery about 18 years ago. Thus, my poem has had a while to sit and simmer and wait. Now, it’s ready.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

It’s an odd feeling to realise all these years later, in 2020, this poem has finally found a home. If you like, you can follow the link to the work in the Fall 2020 (issue 23) of the Muddy River Poetry Review. Or you can go straight to it with this link here.

Thank you.

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