Got the rhythm

I don’t think I could write, much less write poetry, if I didn’t possess even a little sense of rhythm, but I can hardly argue I have perfect timing. Especially over many years of writing and submitting and being so evidently and consistently rejected (ok, I accept the possibility that there is probably a rhythm to that too). Anyway, all of this is to say that when I send out a piece of my writing and then it wondrously finds a home, I feel like I am dancing with the universe and we are in time, in step, and in tune. And it’s good.

What I am thus announcing is that if you like, you can read some of my writing, newly published: Sedgeland (rara avis in terris) in the lovely journal about place called Elsewhere.

Oh, and if you do go read Sedgeland that’s my photo too.

The 2020 writing update:

  • Published or accepted: 13
  • Rejected: 76
  • Pending: 27

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