Fiction fuel

My horror short story Overwritten has now been published in issue 81 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. The edition is available here for purchase. It’s a nice start to the year. Although it’s only 14 days into January it feels like it’s been a Covid Blurvember long with *waves hands at the world* everything that’s gone on so far. And despite … um … the world, writing things keep happening. As they should.

The get the 2021 writing progress statistics. The goal is to get to 100 rejections.

  • Published: 0 (my short story published today was accepted & counted in 2020)
  • Rejected: 8
  • Pending: 17

If you do go and read my story (and the others) you might find yourself thinking these fictions are nightmare fuel, since they are stories of strange worlds and ominous beings prepared to haunt you. For me, and for this story, it worked in reverse: my nightmare became fiction fuel. I believe it’s the only time it happened, where an entire dream held enough weight to be wrangled into a story. I can’t rely on it to happen again, and with this type of story, I wouldn’t want to, but stories come from everywhere, and I won’t discount subconscious states. Or superconscious ones. Or any other type of consciousness.

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