Rejection quotations

A poem to honour reaching forty writing rejections this year.

Rejection quotations

Thank you for your submission. 
On this occasion your story hasn't made it. 
I'm sorry to disappoint you. 
It’s just a competition.
I have read and thought about the poems you sent me, 
but I'm not keeping them.  
I'm sorry to report we have decided not to accept your work for publication.
If you didn’t win, don’t lose heart. 
I wish you success in finding the right home for this piece.
Thank you for letting me read this story! 
Maybe it will help your writing, maybe it won’t.
Thanks again for submitting. 
We considered your submission with pleasure.
We do recommend having a read of why the judges liked what they liked. 
We’re so grateful you let us read your work. 
We’re not accepting it for publication. 
We don’t hate you.
We gave the piece careful consideration. 
We hope you find a good home for it.
Please do not take this as a reflection on your writing.
I hope you soon find a good home for them.
I like how the description really pulls the reader into the setting. 
I'm sorry to say no, but it's not quite right for us. 
Unfortunately, it is not a fit for us. 
Unfortunately, your work is not the right fit for us at this time. 
Unfortunately, we have decided not to move forward with your work, 
at this moment. 
We are not accepting it for publication. 
We appreciated the chance to consider it.
We wish you the best of luck in placing this piece elsewhere.
We hope you find a home for it soon.
Good luck with this piece!
Well, I liked this piece.
In the end, it didn't make it into the selection. 
As always, the best.

The 2021 writing update:

  • Pending submissions: 32
  • Rejections: 40
  • Publications: 3

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