Following my own brick road

I make notes. A few sentences, a paragraph, a couple of words. These are the tiny bricks upon which I can build a work. When I go back to these notes, sometimes I keep writing, and I find myself looking forward to what I’ll find out, where these bits and pieces will take me, because while bricks can build walls they also build paths. I write and I find the title, which replaces whatever interim title I’ve used to save the document, and also gives me the theme. Thus, inspired I keep going, brick by brick, following the words, because one word will get me another while jamming ideas and memory-like shapes together, until whatever this is becoming leaps over plot issues and lulls in imagination, because bricks make bridges too.

Sometimes, the scraps of notes will join up, bricks of different types making patterns in a layout of their own. If I design it right, where the different scraps and notes join up will be invisible. No reader needs to know that one idea about this thing was mortared together with that notion about this other, unrelated thing made years earlier.

At least that’s how it happening with this one piece I’m working on, which might become something publishable one day, or it will be ripped apart brick by brick to become the foundation of some future work. At the very least, this thing I’m currently putting together got me this post.

In other news, stay tuned for new poetry and short stories by me, published soon.

Steady as she goes – the 2022 writing update

Rejections: 89
Pending: 85
Acceptances by publisher: 16
Acceptances by work: 19
Published: 12

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