Sweet April

It’s all happening as journals meet their seasonal deadlines. I’m unsure why. Perhaps editors need to stay in touch with weather patterns, harvests, and solstices and such. Or are such preoccupations more literary? I suppose it helps that April is Poetry Month (and perhaps that is probably Chaucer’s fault).

Anyway, whatever the reason for the timing, my works are being accepted and published. Such as my poem over at the Hyacinth Review published over a month ago and a second poem out today there, which you can read here. Then there is my new poem, written this year, out in the Spring Edition of Gyroscope Review. Plus there will be a brand new flash fiction out any minute now (waves and squints towards Aotearoa).

Almost lastly, a short story I’ve had filed away, only to occasionally bring out for a quick edit, has been accepted. I was in the process of attempting to edit it down further for a specific journal, when another journal caught my eye and I submitted it. This second journal accepted it and the first journal will just have to wait for when I write something else (or not, it’s all good). I am, however, very pleased about this acceptance, and it will be available to read in about three weeks.

Further ahead, there are works scheduled for publication in May. Stay tuned.


Steady as she goes – the 2022 writing update

Rejections: 92
Pending: 79
Acceptances by publisher: 17
Acceptances by work: 20
Published: 16

2 thoughts on “Sweet April

  1. Hi Bec, I just read “Thick Cut” in Gyroscope, and all I can say is, “ah, pancetta.” It also goes well wrapped around roasted asparagus and cantaloupe, but I’m guessing, based on your poem, that you’ve probably already been there, done that. I love food poems. Thye’re more than just the food. Frank

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