Not only writing, but also

Last week in writing:

  • I provided feedback on a proof before my story is published, and confirmed corrections.
  • Submitted works to three journals.
  • A poem written in response to a specific call out was accepted.
  • Recorded more rejections, as is the way of writing.
  • Updated my database (I use The Writer’s Database) for pending, rejected or accepted pieces.
  • Moved docs from various folders to the published/accepted folder.
  • Found journals to consider sending work to.
  • Ruled out journals to submit to.
  • Wrote two new poems – submitted one.
  • Worked on a story.
  • Started reading In the Palm of Your Hand: the Poet’s Portable Workshop, after it arrived last week.
  • Updated the pages on this site.
  • Reviewed Little Women.

As with every other past time, role, job, or hobby we humans pursue, the central activity is not the only thing. As you can tell, with writing, there is organisation, communication (submitting writing via email or other means, responding to acceptances etc), as well as editing, reading, and learning. What’s more, these components are ongoing, and not separate from writing, even if some can be put off on occasion. Furthermore, all these parts of writing need to take place around full time work, and everyday life tasks, occurrences and happenings, none of which I can fairly escape. However, every day life can also be useful, either as something like source material (see my poem Thick Cut in Gyroscope Review) or as time to think, for example, I once had a profoundly important idea while raking leaves.

In terms of other things I need to do, I’m going to have lunch, play with two very sweet foster kittens, and watch the new episode of Doctor Who, not necessarily in that order.

Steady as she goes – the 2022 writing update

Rejections: 107
Pending: 60
Acceptances by publisher: 19
Acceptances by work: 23
Published: 17

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