Exertional participation

It’s spring where I am. Ah September. Birds are chirping a little more loudly, magpies are preparing to swoop, and bots are launching their spam hatchlings into the electronic ether, only to be caught by my spam filter before they reach full immaturity. So goes the days of their lives. But before I send the spammlings into a deserved eternal oblivion I thought I would share some of their insights with you. Because why not.

Starting here:

Exertional syncope is particularly common and is found in up to of cases.

Spam Folder

I am not sure what exertional syncope is but then I am not sure the spammer knows what exertional syncope is either. It all sounds like too much work to understand and I have things to do, poems to write, and stories to edit. Although, I wonder if any are indeed discovered in up to of cases?

To the next one:

You need to participate in a contest for probably the greatest blogs on the web. I will advocate this website!

Anonymous Spammer

The word probably is carrying a heavy load in the above spam comment. My blog is only probably the greatest? How very dare they! And of these contests, is there a no-make up section? Are there awkward interviews about hobbies? Is there a tiara and fake tears for the winner? Bloggers need to know these things.

But we must move on and return to the health spam world.

If a person with an iodine allergy is given this type of contrast nausea or vomitingsneezing itchingor hives may occur

Non-Dr Spam, non-medical expert

I am no stranger to hives, but the quick fire combination of vomitingsneezing itchingor hives has me a little worried. What are itchingor hives? They are likely to be the absolute worst, which is why I don’t get medical advice from spam filter comments. For health and safety purposes all spam comments are treated with gloves, and immediately destroyed upon inspection. No one wants vomitingsneezing.

Anyway, the spam was a bit light on, which is good. No one has ever mourned the lack of spam, so we will end on this comment:

Are you writing the articles in your website yourself or
you outsource them? I am a blogger and having difficulty with content.
Other bloggers told me I should use an AI content writer,
they are actually pretty good. Here is a sample article some bloggers
shared with me.


For the record, my posts are slow roasted in a bespoke preparation after being hand-crafted by specially selected artisans from around the galaxy. Actually, no. It’s just me, typing stuff out here, reflecting on things I’ve watched or read, delivering the occasional poem, or updating the writing news by, um, writing about it. Speaking of which…I will have new poetry out in a matter of days. See you then.

Steady as she goes, the 2022 writing update:

  • Rejections: 151
  • Pending: 14
  • Acceptances by publisher: 24
  • Acceptances by work: 34
  • Published: 31
Photo by Toa Heftiba u015einca on Pexels.com

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