The second hand unwinds

I have written recently that I don’t have expectations associated with sending pieces out. This doesn’t mean I don’t have worries, concerns, or a touch of anxiety around falling behind my writing goals or ambitions. This might be surprising since April eventually saw four pieces of writing published. However, these worries aren’t constant, but they do on occasion, spur me on if the submission pending queue is looking a bit low, or if I feel I need new things to submit. I suppose it’s a measured micro dose of concern to get me what I want, which is to have something published as close to every month as I can.

So far this year, I missed the mark with March, but after the fact, I’m not caught up in circles of self recrimination. The little twinge of awareness of time’s wingèd chariot hurrying near got me to here, got me to write, got me to find a journal and submit to it. It’s a suitcase of memories I’ve left behind, and the rest out of my hands. As for May ambitions though? There are literally no worries mate, as this month is already covered, with my tiny poem Seven Properties of Light already up at Five Fleas, and my poem Ripened in Panoply Magazine’s issue 24 Spring edition right now. I just gotta start preparing for June, July and, well you know how it goes. It is, after all about whether I have world enough, and time.

The 2023 Writing Update:

  • Rejections: 33
  • Pending: 24
  • Accepted (3 carried over from 2022): 10
  • Published: 10