Rules of threes

Tis said bad things come in threes. Not by me today, because good things come in threes with a third piece of work newly accepted and published all at once, today. It was never my intention to only post when I have something published, but when this happens, how can I not? So forgive this repetitiveness and marvel at the threes! Or, if you like, you can go and read my latest published piece, a poem titled, Survive by design over at Bluepepper.

In addition, I’m very happy about this poem finding a home, because I’ve thought it was a strong piece but it has been rejected a bit, but all that is ended because it is out in the world.

Divine proportions

I’m not particularly superstitious, thus I’m not prescribing meaning behind my recent spate of acceptances and the subsequent quick publications but I do marvel at how I once thought poetry was too difficult. There were years I struggled to get a single story published, and now I’ve found poems seem to find their place much more easily. I could have been getting poetry published all along. Or it has been writing myself into finding the right form at the right moment? Maybe it’s about finding balance?

With this recent run of threes, I recall that everything, somehow is a number. Our architecture, art, technology, the proportions of our bodies, the way pollen is arranged in flowers, or how ferns unfurl, our tastes come down to the golden ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence, stringing numbers along as an approach the golden ratio. This is my ad hoc, late night artisan theory: as individuals in the development of a craft, as skills, knowledge, and confidence improve, we move in an sequential approach to our own golden ratio. In everything else in life, it’s changing rhythms, and rising and falling stresses, and a dash of entropy too, but in the pursuit of our passions and talents, we are counting towards hope, aiming for art, Fibonacci style, following the winding circle towards unfurling our best abilities.

If entropy doesn’t get us first.

The 2023 writing update

  • Rejections: 30
  • Pending: 27
  • Accepted (3 carried over from 2022): 9
  • Published: 8