Changing things up

Hi. Thanks for dropping by. If you’ve visited before you may note things look a bit different. If you are a new visitor, hey there and welcome to this note that exists mainly to explain that I’ve updated this site’s look. Any new visitor will not care about this because you have never been here before. This also means had I not changed anything, you would have not have landed on this page at all because it would not have existed. Yet you may have arrived for the post that could have existed in its place. This could all be explained as some kind of minor fracture in the fabric of space-time that created a web loop. Whatever, we are through the looking-glass now people so mind how you go.

this is a space reserved for imagining your own bespoke picture of the ‘mind blown’ meme at your leisure


I decided to use my own water colour art work as the header image (above). Do not be alarmed as the images are set to randomly change between a few options I’ve selected. What you should be alarmed/impressed by is the fact I am using photographs of paintings I made on spare typing paper when  I was a teenager in the late Cenozoic era. Don’t be confused though about the Writing Bec title, I am primarily a writer, still. I mostly do words here. Stay tuned for words about unicorn symbolism in Dead Pool II, experiments in talking about short stories, what even is Australian music, and other things I am yet to think about.

Side note: to any one passing by with a penchant for pilfering pics for pleasure or profit, please don’t. Make your own by time travelling to when you were a teen (optional), obtaining cheap water-colour paints or water-colour pencils, some water, a brush, a sponge, and whatever paper lying around, and unleash the creativity. Muck about with it all. If you like, photograph  your efforts, then post them online.

Thoughtfully not stealing my images is appreciated. 

Anywho, things may continue to change here as I procrastinate adjust the site settings, add features, and refine things, learning as I go. I will keep you updated as I contemplate some kind of attempt to further professionalise this endless endeavour and perhaps even monetise this baby.

Thanks for reading.





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